imation 4.7GB 16X DVD-R Inkjet Printable 50 Packs Media Model 17350

Item #: 300741708630
Seller ID: newegg

Good ol’ newegg. Always a good deal from them, on ebay or website. Brand name Imation DVD’s. ’nuff said!

New Car Cigarette Powered USB Adapter/charger DC 12V 1000mA free postage

Item #: 330760217586
Seller ID: jianrongxin1992

These are fantastic! This cheapy is exactly what you get anywhere else. US sold or not. They’re all from China. It’s worth the few extra days wait to get it half the price.

Small and compact.


Item #: 110888780940
Seller ID: nealstewart74

This stuff is hard to find because it was discontinued a while back. That’s one bad thing about Bath & Body Works. They discontinue some of their best selling items often.

My wife was happy to have this arrive as a surprise as she was away working at camp for the summer!

Wein HSHS Hot Shoe With PC Outlet Used Exc Tested Works Perfect

Item #: 150829314371
Seller ID: gwentiques62

Very pleased with this. Works like new for a fraction of the price.

Waterproof 120cm 60 LED Car Van Vehicle Flexible Neon Light Lamp Strip 12V New

Item #: 140757644536
Seller ID: ouyou2010

Cheap blue LED strip. Still the best and easiest type of LED strip I’ve seen. All these types are the same.

I’ve used several colors and all have been great.

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