After having a broken passenger seat release cable in my Jeep Wrangler for over a year, I finally found a forum with a cost effective answer to the problem without having to spend $$$ on a cable from the dealer (part#4886308AA).

Special thanks to part of the article write-up at

I had an idea of what I needed, but didn’t know what it was called or if it even existed.

First of all a simple bare cable without the housing (raw on one end) to replace the broken one and a special fitting to allow for cable adjustment.  But what was that special fitting called so I would know what to search for? There was the answer on the forum!  A brake cable anchor bolt for a bicycle.

Off to the local bike repair shop.  $3.70 and 10 minutes later, I had what I needed.

Here’s a great write-up on how to replace the seat release cable with a dealer replacement cable.  It’ll give you the basics.  I’ll show you here how to use the low-cost cable in place of the dealer item.

First, remove the seat which is fastened by four bolts. 2 front – 2 rear.

Remove the seat and set it upside down so you can work on the bottom of it with ease.

You will need to unzip the upholstery on the seat bottom and seat back to allow access to the location of the cable connection. I did not remove the upholstery as shown in this photo as it is not completely necessary to do so. You should remove this bolt at the inside hinge point (opposite the seat-back release lever) to allow even greater access.

Now you can see where the cable connects. You may still have the end of the original cable still connected.

I also did not find it necessary to remove the cable housing (black sheathe the cable slides in). With the seat apart you can see the end of this housing up inside the seat bottom and I was able to insert the cable quite easily into the housing with it still in place on the seat. You can remove it if you find it difficult to insert the cable, but it may be more difficult to snap the end of the housing back into it’s place than to fish the cable thru while attached.

Add a small washer to the cable and thread thru the hole as below. I bent the tab inwards a little to assure there was no binding of the new cable.

See the housing end and where it snaps into the seat frame.

Snake the cable thru the housing and carefully thru the other end. The cable will be much longer than the original OEM cable.

After cable is in place at the seat-back end, you may replace the hinge bolt.

Now onto the Adjustable fitting. You may need to enlarge the hole on the lever a bit for the fitting to work correctly. The post of the bolt should fit completely thru the hole.

Here’s what we’re talking about. The correct fitment.

The cable should thread thru the fitting like this.

With seat-back in place and latched, pull the cable snugly thru the fitting and tighten. Now give it a try. more adjustment can be made after the seat is replaced in the Jeep.

A short video on how the seat mechanism works… WHEN it works…

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