It’s that time again…

Fred award videos will be starting soon for KASA with a June 15 deadline.

Elaine has returned to Gerber Scout Reservation for a second year as Aquatics Director. I will be joining her for about 3-4 weeks in June-July after the KASA videos are completed.

Finally temporarily living in our dream home (on wheels) sorta. It’s a travel trailer, but we are not mobile as we would like to be as it is a fifth wheel camper and we only have 4 wheels… baby steps…

There is currently no physical “upstairs room”. It’s more of a “workspace”… It’s not upstairs and it’s not a room, but that’s OK.

A major overhaul of C&H website leads me into the realm of Genesis for WordPress and HTML5. Including parallax programming. Very cool. The new launches this week.

Lots of minor work/maintenance on the ol’ van is about done. It will be ready for the summer road trip whether it likes it or not. New front struts, wheel bearing/hubs, bushings, tie rods, ball joints, rotors, radiator. Rear air shocks, repaired auto-ride-level control, brakes. Maybe even some new-ish rubber all around before then.

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Yes, it’s been quite a while since last post, but I’ll keep it short.

Not in order of importance or chronological, but short…

– I fixed the Montana. Head/intake gaskets, tune-up and a few other items while it was apart. Running great except for a recently developed explainable random misfire between 1500-1900 RPM. Contact me if you have any ideas on this.

– Sold the truck.

– Bought a KIA Sedona for CHEAP to replace the truck as a third vehicle.

– Gabe bought a motorcycle. Did some work on that.

– Elaine served in western Michigan at Gerber Scout Reservation as aquatics Director and I visited her for a long weekend.

– Visited Wise, VA for a possible position for Elaine as Youth Director for a new satellite church plant. Did not work out though.

– KASA Fred videos for 2014.

– Updated to Windows 7 Pro 64bit onto a 250GB Solid State Drive. I recommend a SSD !

– Elaine sold her gas-guzzling Mountaineer and bought a gas-saving 1989 Honda Prelude. She loves it. It’s loud.

– Sold the house.

– Stored some belongings we had left after yard sale. Trying to get rid of all absolutely unnecessary clutter.

– Moved. Twice. Last move was to a location where we are helping friends with a major cleaning/purging of a household. Ultimately allowing them to sell the home and travel. This will be an ongoing project for quite some time. This meanwhile is helping us to achieve our goal of becoming debt-free and moving to full-time camp ministry.

– Created a couple more websites.

– Mom’s skin cancer returned. This time on her chin. Doc got it all taken care of and she’s doing fairly well. Still some health issues.

– other…

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it’s been a while…

Not much happening as of late. Spent alot of time helping Elaine in taking care of Mom over the last few months. We are ALL very blessed that she was able to have the time to live with and take care of Mom 24/7 for several months. None of Mom’s “boys” could do that like Elaine did. Mom is doing very well and is getting great doctor reports.

Also, I’ve had a broken down mini van in my drive for months. I was keeping it to use for parts when I bought another, however, it just happened to start and run a couple weeks ago when I was checking the physical condition of the motor, so I have begun to replace head gaskets, which has turned into more that just head gaskets. Why not replace a few other things while it’s stripped down? Timing chain/gears, water pump, head reconditioning, plugs (they were original with 250K), coils, Serpentine belt, clean the fuel injectors, all new gaskets and more… very time consuming since the weather can’t stay warm/dry.

Meanwhile, I purchased a very cheap junker truck back in December to have to drive until I could replace the van. Getting all the paperwork from the young man in Indiana took nearly 3 months! The tags were expired IN tags or I would have been driving it anyway. Now that I finally have it on the road, I discover it’s getting 11 mpg. More motivation to get the van running again!

Lost a hard drive to age, but didn’t lose any info thanks to backup drive! New 1TB installed. Soon I’ll have to upgrade to Windows 7 which means a fresh install and losing all of my video editing presets…. :( However, with the installation, I’ll probably move to a solid state system drive, upgrade my processor to a quad core and go with 16GB of DRAM.

This week I finished up another video project for KASA introducing KY School Administrators to An online community for all of KY Admins across the state. The project included a presentation video and a looping video to be used at trade shows. This was a little different as I worked with their marketing consultant on this one. Everyone was satisfied with the results. and

KASA Fred videos again this year starting soon.

I also just finished up an iOS/Android app for C & H employee use. I started this back in October but waited until January to get serious on it. While it was done with an online design website, it was still taxing and I learned much about Apple and their iTunes store and Developer accounts! The app kept getting rejected because it was for “employees only”. There are other ways of distributing the app to employees, but all are very detailed and the online design package was giving me fits doing it this way. Plus it required yet ANOTHER type of Apple Developer license. So after 3 months, I finally figured out that I can make the app generic with public content, then after approval, edit it to allow for employee specific info. This also allow me to password protect it for my specific employee users. So, since the app is password protected, you can’t really see how it works… but here’s the iTunes page for it.

I did some more work for a friend in Virginia in closing out a webpage because of a necessary business name change. New site, same design.

Looking for more local small businesses that need website work. Have one possibility, but have not made a decision yet.

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Videos finished…

I finished up the never ending Rotary Club video I was working on for the “Moment of Inspiration” for this years KASA conference. It took way too long because I got involved in other things and put it off too long.

I also finished up the Fred Award nominee videos for 2013.

Working on some other websites, but nothing finished up yet.

We (C&H – had a client ask for web streaming, which before last week, we never did. I am happy (and proud) to say that it went flawlessly! Not only that, we had a second client call and ask for another webcast for the same week! We had two separate streaming events at once! The first was for NACC convention in Louisville and the second was for a pharmaceutical sales meeting. So if you ever have a need for a streaming webcast, I can do that now also!!

I started a “Shepherdsville Yard Sale” and “Bullitt County Virtual Auto Sales” group on Facebook about a year ago and it has become quite involved. Glad to be a part of helping out the community with the group(s), but has become a bit time consuming having to keep the group(s) in check and keep junk ads off the page(s). FB was definitely not meant for this, but I have to say, it works OK for selling your yard sale items.

I’m now considering offering “After Hours” Kentucky notary service. Will probably get a domain name just for the service to make it easier to advertise.

Have some other things in the works. Will check back in when they get closer.

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New Upstairs Room page

Oh, yeah, I forgot to post that I added a new main page for Upstairs Room Media/Web Development. It’s the main landing page for and I added it to the menu above.

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New sites up and running…

Re-design of is now finished and up and running. This was a re-design of a completed website for a company in VA that is going national with there C.A.S.P.E.R. program. Community Awareness and Stimulus Plan for Emergency Readiness. Check them out to learn more about their great cause.

Just finished up for Mercy Hill Baptist Church. Mercy Cares is a community help website where non-profit organizations can come to request needs for an individual. Mercy Cares then contacts their network of people to come together to provide for the community. They should be launching soon.

O’dell Equipment website, will launch this week. I got final approval of the design and will meet with them to go over the use of the page this week.

Now to start on the video for next year’s KASA Moment of Inspiration. I went to Bowling Green for a couple of days with my friend Gary Griesser, who will be presenting the Moment of Inspiration, to film for this video. I have several hours of interviews to go through to create the 9-10 minute video that will introduce the organization who will be the 2013 Inspiration focus.

That means YOURS is next! Contact me for your website or video needs. Very affordable and the best prices around!

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Summer time’s here and that means…

Elaine and Gabe are off for the summer soon. Elaine will be serving at a camp in North Carolina. The Refuge is a young Christian Camp set in Ayden, NC. Actually only a couple hours from Emerald Isle, NC where we have been asked to provide summer camp programming the first week of July for a local church.

Gabe will be serving once again this summer at Camp Bethel in Wise, VA.

They will both leave out soon after Gabe’s high school graduation at the end of May. So from this summer on, things will NEVER be the same around here.

Anyway, as I stated above, they will be serving at separate camps all summer. In order to allow them to serve in these environments, we have to raise financial support each year. These positions, while not “voluntary” are not necessarily “paid” positions either. Their weekly “pay” comes from whatever financial support has been sent to the respective camp in their individual names.

So, if you feel so inclined, we ask that you prayerfully support them as they need to cover travel expenses, equipment, and lodging (in some cases), etc. Simply contact me through this website to learn how you can support a summer missionary! All donations are tax deductible (where allowed) through 501(c)(3) organizations.

Now, with that said, I am also looking for more web design work for the summer for just this reason. It takes money to spread the gospel… and hopefully YOU need a website design, or redesign! I can help. With VERY fair pricing and lower than most any others.

Here is my latest design. I hope to turn this one over to the client this week.

Thanks and GOD BLESS!!

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It’s bloggerific!

My most recent site is a Blog setup for Mercy Hill Baptist Church. Mercy Hill is a church plant in Shepherdsville that Elaine and I have become involved with. Realizing the need of this community and the impact this new church could have on our immediate area drew us to become involved. You can visit the Mercy Hill Baptist Church main page here to find out more about the church.

This Blog site is mainly for communication and discussion among those involved in Mercy Hills “Missional Community” groups, but is setup to allow anyone to read the Blog posts. This way we hope others will see what Mercy Hill is about and want to become involved.

The site includes many features I have designed and discovered while creating other sites over the last few years. Some of the details include custom fonts, email or text posting, specific category post pages only, custom user registration, auto-post-to-Facebook and MUCH customizing of CSS and PHP code.

The Camp Bethel and Camp Bethel Childhood Development Center websites have both also been updated/upgraded. Several un-noticeable details have been changed in both.

One major noticeable change at is the online shopping/payment. Now included is a much more manageable and much better looking layout that allows for easier implementation of new products and editing current products. Currently available is online payment for Summer Camp and Special Events and Summer Camp Media (photos/videos). We’ve discussed adding many more Camp Bethel related items like T-shirts, etc. before Summer Camp time rolls around.

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Thanks Microsoft… NOT!!

I’m posting this here because I had so much trouble finding the solution that I wanted to share with the search engines.

The short of it was that I had a backup glitch on Small Business Server 2003 (SBS2003) this week and my CALs were reset from 20 down to 5, the original number that comes with the SBS2003 installation.

After Google searching, I could only find people with the same problem, but no fixes. Not wishing (that is DREADING) to call the original person who installed it to find if he had the license codes still, I did the next worse thing. I called Microsoft.

After getting transferred 5 times and explaining rather harshly to the last person AGAIN what my problem was, I had to apologize for taking it out on her. I didn’t get too nasty, I just let her know how dissatisfied I was with their product and support and their “Certified” professional that did us as much harm as good with original installation of the server…

So, expecting another day of waiting on the phone to find out I had to speak with another department, I first Google searched again before making the call.

This time, to my surprise, I actually found someone with the same problem, only this time with a resolution! And a simple resolution at that.

here’s the ORIGINAL POST FROM Chris Knight:

Small Business Server 2003 – The Dreaded 5 CAL Reset Issue
A runaway process on SBS2003 decided to fill up all the disk space on C: in the early hours of the morning. The fallout from this was the System log was corrupt and the SBS license data was reset to the default 5 CALs.
The System log was easy to fix – reboot the server.
The SBS license data was an absolute pain. I’d never run the “Back up licenses” utility in the Licensing section of Server Management. Microsoft have KB article 888818 discussing this, which is either re-enter the licenses, restore the C:\WINDOWS folder or restore a backup of the licenses.
The first wasn’t an option as I was offsite and the person with the key to the safe wasn’t in. The second was just not viable – why Microsoft couldn’t specify which file/folder needed restoring I don’t know. The third would have been OK if ever I had run it.
After much stuffing about I found that the SBS2003 licenses are kept in the file in the WINDOWS\system32 folder. Thankfully, Microsoft actually keep an automatic backup of this in The simple process was to stop the License Logging Service, rename to, then copy to After this I started License Logging Service and used Server Management to confirm that the licenses had been restored.

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It’s so close I can smell it…

Literally. Thanks to some special people, we have a natural evergreen wreath on our front door. It’s filling up the house with CHRISTMAS smell! If there is such a thing as “Christmas smell” it must be this.

We are so slow here at work today that we have only had maybe two phone calls all day. Praise God I have a boss who will let us work even in the slow times. So slow here actually that as I write this I am listening to the sounds of this joyous season from a fellow co-worker who is playing Smule Magic Piano on their Iphone. Rather nice actually…

Mercy Hill decided to go a different route with the videos because of time constraints. May do something in the future for them.

Still a couple potential web site clients out there, but they are too busy this time of season to get anything setup right now. Maybe after the first of the year.

Also have another upcoming video for KASA in February.

Recently finished up rebuilding a laptop for someone. All I really had to do was replace the hard drive and reload Vista, but getting to that point was rather hectic. I finally got the drive recovered to the original setup with help from a RescueMe utility DVD. But then after installing all the Windows updates, it crashed on reboot. Dead… Nothing could recover the drive then. Replaced and reinstalled after much searching for the correct Vista Home Premium disc. Whew! Well worth it for a couple extra bucks for the season. … Interestingly, during my posting, he just stopped by asking why he cannot connect to the internet at home. I think we resolved he just needs to reset his wireless router. Laptop works fine here. We’ll know tomorrow…

Oh yeah. I was reminded this week of how much fun a kidney stone is… So much so that I actually went to the doctor this time for some pain meds. The first time in several years and several stones that I have had to have pain meds. Only needed one pill so far though.


IF YOU NEED ANY WEB SITE DESIGN/HOSTING OR VIDEO WORK DONE, PLEASE CALL!! I am always looking for work. My services are VERY affordable! I can custom design a site for you quickly and offer hosting as well. Custom email, blogging, photo galleries, online shopping carts. I can make most anything work on your site in some form or fashion.

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