My most recent site is a Blog setup for Mercy Hill Baptist Church. Mercy Hill is a church plant in Shepherdsville that Elaine and I have become involved with. Realizing the need of this community and the impact this new church could have on our immediate area drew us to become involved. You can visit the Mercy Hill Baptist Church main page here to find out more about the church.

This Blog site is mainly for communication and discussion among those involved in Mercy Hills “Missional Community” groups, but is setup to allow anyone to read the Blog posts. This way we hope others will see what Mercy Hill is about and want to become involved.

The site includes many features I have designed and discovered while creating other sites over the last few years. Some of the details include custom fonts, email or text posting, specific category post pages only, custom user registration, auto-post-to-Facebook and MUCH customizing of CSS and PHP code.

The Camp Bethel and Camp Bethel Childhood Development Center websites have both also been updated/upgraded. Several un-noticeable details have been changed in both.

One major noticeable change at is the online shopping/payment. Now included is a much more manageable and much better looking layout that allows for easier implementation of new products and editing current products. Currently available is online payment for Summer Camp and Special Events and Summer Camp Media (photos/videos). We’ve discussed adding many more Camp Bethel related items like T-shirts, etc. before Summer Camp time rolls around.